LINK LINK ^ Click the link above for your FIRST video lesson in propinquity, consistency and preselection that you can start using today on your road to improving your game … This is my honest and real review of tao of bad ass by Joshua Pellicer and YES i actually DID buy it and you can read my thoughts below. There are a ton of tao of badass reviews online but being a fan of the PUA greats like Neil Strauss, Mystery and David DeAngelo i wanted to learn 1st hand what the fuss was all about and WTF this Joshua Pellicer guy and tao of badass system was all about. So i went and actually bought JP's (Joshua Pollicer's) tao system of badass to see if i could add what he teaches, to my cocky and funny repertoire that is my congruent state. If you wanna take your game to the next level, then the tao system of badass is defacto the way to go in my book because it teaches you the art of ultimate congruency by pushing you beyond your "comfort zone"! But FEAR is a good thing. Trust me! Wouldn't you rather screw up with 6s and 7s and be prepared for 8's and 9's past the cold approach? Anyhoo, i felt NOT doing a review of tao of bad ass would be doing the course a really big injustice especially since i couldn't find any useful and non biased info on the course content itself online. So this is what you get (Insider Facts From A Tao Of Bad Ass Member): As soon as you are logged in you are greeted with a personal message from Joshua <b>…</b>

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