The Seven Magic Mating Steps

The Universal Steps Of The Mating Process

speeddating 300x279 The Seven Magic Mating Steps

According to anthropologist there are seven steps to the mating process:

1.    Eye contact
2.    Verbal contact w/ man and woman side by side then they began to turn in and face each other
3.    Hand to arm or hand to shoulder contact/ hand or arm around waist
4.    Mouth to mouth contact
5.    Hand to genital contact (sometimes mouth to breast contact)
6.    Mouth to genital contact
7.    Sex

Amazingly, most men go their whole lives without ever being taught this or even thinking about it deeply.

However, once you understand the seven steps dating and sexual communication become a lot easier.  You can recognize what step you’re on, when a woman has escalated to the next step, and where you need to go to move the courtship dance along smoothly.

Remember: These are guidelines.  Do not try to go from step to step like some kind of robot!  There are many other things you can add to this knowledge to create success, but this knowledge is fundamental.

So, when you’re making eye contact with a woman you feel attraction for and she starts talking to you recognize what has just happened; she’s escalated to the next stage.  Show her that you get it by talking back and escalating to the next level when the energy feels right.  If you don’t know how to escalate physically then click here.

When you’re talking to a woman and she begins touching your arm understand the progression that has just happened and flow with it.  You want to escalate the touching in a natural way, possibly give her the Kiss Test, and kiss her.

datingduo 208x300 The Seven Magic Mating Steps

Also, when a woman is touching your arm and your hand is on her waist, know where you need to go next and escalate.

If you’d like to build on these fundamentals you need the Get The Girl eBook, but before you get the eBook check out my free Five Do’s and Don’ts Of Dating Video.  If you can handle that information and feel the need for something a little more advanced you’ll get a lot of value from the eBook, guaranteed.  Click here for the Get The Girl eBook.

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