The Illusion Of Pickup Lines

pick up lines 300x210 The Illusion Of Pickup Lines

Some people believe that pickup lines can get them women.
Well.. maybe, but it usually doesn’t work like that. Say you
approach a girl with some canned openers openers and she
starts laughing…She gives you a good response. In return
you feel validated and go into a confident state. Then girl
then feels your confidence and gets attracted to you.

I wasn’t your “pickup lines” that sparked the attraction, it
was your confident state! If you had that inner-belief in
before you approached you wouldn’t need a specific
opener or any routines.. you could say just about anything and
it would work.

pickuplines 300x200 The Illusion Of Pickup Lines

The point is this: Canned material or routines are great to
get you started.. Just as training wheels are great for learning
how to ride a bike. Let’s face it, you would have never gotten
on the bike in the first place if it wasn’t for the training wheels
that offset the painful probability of falling flat on your face.

However, as you practice and become more comfortable
approaching and conversing with women all the pre-prepared
stuff should eventually fade to the background.. There if you
need it, but not necessary.

David Gideon

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