The Four Keys To Inner-Game

I’ve spend many years studying and testing the psychology of deep
inner game and what attracts women.  I’ve seen the best “ladies
men” in action and I’ve tried to analyze exactly how they spark attraction,
create comfort, and seduce the most gorgeous women again and again
without being turned down or ignored.  If you’d like to discover
more about what I’ve learned and how I learned it visit

Before you can convince girls that you’re worthy of their time and
attention, you first have to convince yourself.  How?  By realizing
that all of the things that women value are inner qualities that
can be developed by anyone.  Anyone can begin developing
intelligence, persistence, fearlessness, resourcefulness,
leadership skills, humor, ambition, positivity, physical fitness,
good health, cleanliness, and fashion-awareness.  And here’s the
big secret; these are the things that really flip the attraction
in women.. Not good looks, height, or money.

The Four Keys of Inner Game

1. Recognize where you currently stand in regard to all your faults
and shortcomings

Take out a piece of paper and start listing your shortcomings and
faults.  List one per line.  Are you not well-read? Lacking
fashion-sense?  Lazy? Have bad hygiene?  Not ambitious? A
procrastinator?  Premature ejaculator?  Write it all down.  Write
it in code if you think someone might find it later.

2. Know exactly who you want to become as a man

Now next to each of those negative qualities, write the positive
quality you would like to replace it with.   So, next to the code
word “PreEjacultrr” write “Long lasting lover”.  Next to “bad
hygiene” write “Always noticeably fresh and clean”.  Next to “a
procrastinator” write “A man of action”.

3. Have an exact plan on how you’re going to get there

What action step will you take to stop finishing extremely
prematurely during intercourse?  Not that this is your problem(but it
probably is). Will you search online for natural cures and
techniques to overcome it?  Will you go to the bookstore and look
some books by people who specialize in your problem?  Will you
commit to
bathing everyday, wearing clothing only once without washing it, and
brushing after every meal?  Will you commit to never leave the
scene of a goal without taking at least one action-step towards its
fulfillment?  Whatever you want to become as a man, they key is to
have a precise plan to get from where you are to where you want to

Take each one of your flaws and write out a short and precise plan
of what you’re going to do to get to your intended outcome

4. Begin moving along that path one action step at a time

Here’s another secret:  You don’t have to actually be where you
ultimately want to be… yet.  Just the fact that you’re on the
to becoming more as a person and are committed to improving a
little bit each day is enough to become an attractive man with

Women are kinda like A&R scouts.  They recognize when a man has the
potential to succeed.  And if you know who you are, know who you
want to be, have a plan, and you’re moving along the path towards
your ideal self, women will see you as the great guy you’re in the
process of becoming.

David Gideon

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