The Best PUA Test – Top Ten PUA Questions – AFC To Master PUA Text Game

Test your skills on The Best PUA Test — Become AFC to PUA with this free Play-by-Play Attraction Guide – Are you an AFC (Average Frustrated Chump), a Player or Master PUA? Find out with this PUA online game. Share this video with your friends to see who has more game! To play this PUA text game you have to read and answer the top ten PUA questions. If you get one wrong you have to start again. Remember, you only have 10 seconds to answer each question. PUA questions that every natural PUA should know: Do you know how to get a girls number or how to approach a set (a group of people a PUA approaches when sarging), or what to look for in a wingman? Take this PUA test and find out if you're an AFC or Master PUA. This PUA test will show you the level you're currently at. If you're sick and tired of being an Average Frustrated Chump and not getting anywhere with women, then you need to improve your game to stand out from all the AFCs out there. The good news is, even if you're average or borderline ugly, you can still attract beautiful money. You don't even need a fancy car or be rich either. Most of the PUAs out there aren't Brad Pitt lookalikes or millionaires. But they do have one thing in common, and that's game. What's more being a PUA isn't just about getting laid. You can apply the skills you learn from the top PUAs in pretty much any social setting. Here are the scoring levels for this PUA test: 1-3 PUA questions right: You're a BAFC (Below <b>…</b>

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