The 7 Hottest Places To Meet Hot Women

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The 7 Hottest Places To Meet Women

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The best way to bring beautiful women into your life is by
partaking in Co-ed activities that you enjoy and meeting women
there.  Not only will these women cross your path naturally, but
you’ll have something in common to talk about initially.

There are many enjoyable lifestyle adjustments that will bring
you into close proximity with gorgeous women while making you a
more compelling, interesting, and healthy man at the same time.
And I just wanna share with you a few of my favorites:

1. Shop at the health food supermarket

These are huge stores dedicated to organic and natural foods.
These places draw women who take great care of their bodies inside
and out.  Feel free to ask her how to cook whatever she’s holding
in her hand, then tease her for not being able to cook or having
lousy recipes that she’s embarrassed to share.

2. Get a membership at the megagym in your area or the college
recreation center

These gyms are huge and have hundreds of sexy and fit women that
you can meet everyday.  Go in the afternoon when it’s busier and
don’t worry if you have to wait to get on the machines you want.
Ask the cute girls if you can work in with them and ask their
opinion about something interesting to get the conversation started.

At the megagyms you will find mostly girls that have already
graduated college.  At the college rec. center you will find
Undergrad students, Masters students, Doctoral students, and
graduates who are now alumni.

3. Take a dance class

Not only will this make you more interesting fascinating to women,
but you’ll be in an environment where you are dancing with,
touching, and leading beautiful and willing women.  I recommend
Latin dance.  It’s sexy and it’s fun.

4. Attend art events

You’ll expand your horizons culturally, become more well-rounded as
a person, and you’ll come across as a man of class who is
knowledgeable about the arts.  At the same time you’ll meet women
who are likely to be more creative, stylish, open-minded, classy,
and fun.

5. Go to happy hour in business districts

Go around 4pm and socialize for a couple hours.  Women are just
getting off work around this time and they’re ready to relax and
have a little fun before the day is done.  Don’t be hesitant to
approach groups with guys because they’re propably just co-workers.
Socialize and make small talk with everybody and instead of
seeming wierd when you approach the girl you really want, it’ll be
totally smooth and natural.

6. Attend charity events

One of the basic human needs is to feel a sense of contribution.
We need to know that we’re having some kind of positive impact on
others and making the world a better place in some way.  Find a
cause you care about and partake in events that support that cause.
You might even consider volunteering your time.  The side-bonus of
this is that you’re going to meet beautiful women who share your
same values.  These will be women who are often very classy,
kind-hearted, and care about people other than themselves.

7. Go to bars and clubs

The purpose of bars and clubs is to approach lots of women and get
comfortable socializing with strangers.  You might not meet the
woman of your dreams at these places, but you will hone your skills
and be ready for the moment the girl of your dreams walks right in
front of you.  You’ll already have loads of practice starting
conversations, sparking attraction, establishing rapport, getting
phone numbers, and moving into seduction. So, get the practice you
need in bars and clubs and you definitely won’t choke when it
really counts.

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