The 11 Laws Of Attraction


The 11 Laws Of Attraction are the 11 things that attract women to men.  Regardless of what you may have heard women “say” these are the things they respond to.  These are all things under your control.  And these are the things you must develop to succeed with women and dating.

1.Intelligence- Begin surrounding yourself with smart people.  Go out
of your way to add value to their lives.  In other words, be
friendly.  Talk to smart people, ask lots of questions and be a
good student of those who have something to teach.  Also, take
advantage of the fact that many of the most brilliant people in the
world have written books.  Commit to read one book a month that
will improve you and make you a better person.

2.Persistence- Recognize that any situation can be turned around if
you’re committed.  Keep making subtle changes in your approach
until you get your desired outcome.

3.Fearlessness-  Fear means one of two things: Either you’re not
prepared or you are prepared and you’re just not acknowledging it.
So, take the things you fear and start getting prepared for those
things now.  Once you’re as prepared as you can be take action.
And keep moving forward even in the face of fear.  This is courage
and this is fearlessness.  Do it now.

4.Resourcefulness-  Resourcefulness is directly proportional to
persistence.  Keep changing your approach again and again until you
get what you want and you’ll be resourceful. This is because when
giving up is not an option, you have no choice but to keep coming
up with new methods to get the result you want.

5.Leadership skills- You become a leader by being decisive and
bringing out the best in those around you.  If this necessitates
you find a new peer group then so be it.  Suggest what you want to
do, where to go, and how to do things and expect others to follow
your lead. If someone comes up with a better idea, just say, “Yeah,
I like that.  Let’s do that instead.”  Be flexible, but maintain
the leadership position.  Be willing to leave others behind if they
don’t want to follow your lead.  It’s better to be a loner than a

This doesn’t mean that you should never take on the role of the
student or seek out mentors.  But make it your goal to reach their
mastery level and take on that same teacher/mentor role for others

6.Humor-Humor is a skill that can be learned.  Surround yourself with
funny people, watch stand-up comedy, and ask yourself, “What’s
funny about this?” in every situation.

7.Ambition-  Create a burning desire within yourself to achieve your
dreams.  Use the way you move your body, the emotion in your tone,
and your words to create passion.  Use vivid images and bright
colors to envision your ideal future.  Say positive affirmations
everyday regarding your major goals in life.  Make definite plans
to achieve the lifestyle you want.  And take massive action to
create your own destiny.  You don’t have to be successful to
attract beautiful women, you just have to have the skill and
ambition to succeed.

8.Positivity-  Contrast your situation with those that have it worse
to cultivate an attitude of gratitude in your life.  Buy a journal
and keep it with you at all times. Whenever you think of anything
to be grateful for, anything you have that someone else is deprived
of, write it in your journal.  When you feel ungrateful, instead of
wallowing in self-pity, look at your journal and remind yourself of
all that you’ve been blessed with.

Positivity will cause all people, including beautiful women, to
want to be around you.  Negativity will repel them no matter what
other good qualities you have.

9.Good Health & Physical fitness- If you want a
woman who looks great and takes good care of her body then you should
do the same.  You’ll perform better in bed, look better, exude more masculinity,
and not be a hypocrite all at the same time.

Having hot girls doesn’t even matter if your health
sucks.  Try to eat organic foods as much as possible or at least
natural foods.  Eat less meat, less dairy, more vegetables, and
more fruit.  Try to be in deep sleep sometime between the hours of
10pm-2am as much as possible.  Research alternative and holistic
medicine if you have ailments

10.Cleanliness- Bathe everyday, put on clean clothes everyday, shave
everyday, brush when you wake and before you sleep at night, floss
every night, keep your nails clean, get your teeth cleaned
regularly, keep your hairline trimmed; especially the back of the
neck, clean your ears, trim nose hairs, and pluck the unibrow.

11.Fashion-awareness- Get a subscriptions to GQ magazine or Men’s
Vogue.  The goal is to show that you are presenting your best self
and that you pay attention to detail.  Look at the fashions and
then go out and try to find cheaper alternatives if necessary.
Find a style that fits you or
feel free to experiment with different looks until you find
something that reflects your ideal-self and sends the message you

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