The 1 Secret To Get Any Woman

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There are 3 levels of personality for
humans. These three levels determine how
attracted women will be to you:

1.What you say: Words

2. What you do: Actions

3. What you think: Beliefs

In the area of dating “what you say” would include
things like openers, routines, pre-prepared negs, etc.
What you do covers body language, eye contact, facial
expressions, physical demeanor, etc. What you think
are things like values, identity, self-esteem, confidence
-level, standards, and life-mission

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The Circle Of Life

Now, imagine a circle with a second circle inside, with
another smaller circle inside of that one. There are three
layers or levels within this circle: The outermost layer, middle
layer, and the innermost layer. Draw it.

Label the outermost layer “Beliefs”. Label the middle layer
“Actions”. Label the innermost layer “Words”.

Now here’s the BIG secret: The key to changing any level
within the “circle of life” is changing the level ABOVE it.

Most guys who want to learn how to meet attractive women
want to know what to “say”. Knowing what to say is great,
but the right words with the wrong body language and wrong
beliefs will get you nowhere fast.

Bottomline: Get your beliefs about yourself, your identity, and
your standards together and your body language and WORDS
will take care of themselves

Use openers, routines, and other canned material to give
yourself a quick jumpstart into the world of meeting and
attracting women, BUT stay mindful.. It’s the Inner Game
that will give you long-term, lasting results.

The ONE SECRET to get any woman is to fix your inner-beliefs. If
your inner-beliefs reflect confidence, positivity, and persistence
your body language and words will take care of themselves.

David Gideon

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