The #1 Pickup Move For Bars

Hey, guys. You’re gonna love this video. It’s a demonstration the spin move I’ve discussed in my 30 Days To Dating Mastery Audio.

The Spin Of Attraction

Do this move anytime you want a superior and more relaxed position. So, if there’s some beautiful girls with their back to the bar and are facing the dance floor, spin her so you have the better position with a full view of the activities. Say, “That was your first dance lesson and this is the payment”, smile. She’ll love it.

Caveat: Don’t say “Let me see your hand so I can spin you”. No need for that because Women LOVE to be led. Just take her hand and spin her. Or say, “Give me your hand… Spin. Good job.” Or just touch her arm and say, “Here, come over here. That’s better.” It’s very easy and they like it.

One thing I talk about in my ebook and audio program is status. Status attracts women to men in the same way a hot body attracts men to women. You always want to exhibit higher status when you approach women and display it for everyone watching.

This will create attraction in your interactions and social proof within your immediate environment. So, if a girl is standing, you lean. If she’s leaning, you sit. If she’s sitting, you lay back a little in your seat.

So, for example, if you approach a sitting group of girls and open the conversation you want to sit down very soon into the interaction. Why? Because a high status person does not make himself uncomfortable just to talk to someone of equal or lower status. If you do, it implies that the girls must be higher status. Hence, you must be lower status and, therefore, they are not attracted. So, take a seat and lean back comfortably. Don’t forget to give false time constraints before and after you sit and demonstrate value after you sit down.

Go out and try the spin move! Then come back and tell me your results. I’d love to hear it.

Take Care. Get the Girl,
David Gideon

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