TETCHAN – Macross Plus – Voices (Off Vocal Harp Ver.)

www.soundcloud.com (Soundcloud account) www.facebook.com (Facebook fanpage) Here is my twentieth track. I wanted to try and make an instrumental of a song. I had just got some new plugins and was really wanting to use this harp I got for a song, then Voices came to mind. The thing is, I didn't actually make an instrumental of the WHOLE song. It's missing a section. Listen to the original here: www.youtube.com I realized I couldn't drag the notes out with a harp so when the vocals in the song are held for a long period of time, I decided I wasn't even going to bother trying to replicate that specific part since it would come out much too short. My version stops at about 1:51, then I don't pick up the ending until about 3:08 where I lower the volume slightly and take it a little slower in the last section to try and mimic how it was done in the original with the vocals. Anyway, all-in-all, this is my first instrumental/cover/etc. I've ever done before, so I hope you enjoy it~! Artist: TET☆CHAN Title: Macross Plus – Voices (Off Vocal Harp Ver.) Genre: Anime Release date: 5/18/2012 Download link can be found on my Soundcloud account: soundcloud.com

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