Taylor Swift WHY SHE CAN’T FIND LOVE? IN ASIA with Asian Guy in LA Supermarket Red Album advice

Taylor Swift Secretly Dated a Normal College Kid and Didn't Tell You Even Though You Are Her Best Friend Us Weekly does not wish to alarm Taylor Swift "WHY CAN'T SHE FIND LOVE," the magazine wails on this week's cover, beating its breast as it breaks down in tears. Actually, Taylor Swift did have love once, according to the article. A beautiful, pure love—Swift dated a Nashville college student. A "completely un-famous" Nashville college student. college student Taylor was trying to integrate herself into Unfortunately, Swift made the mistake of choosing, for her unremarkable beau, a boy with friends—"fame-obsessed" friends. The worst kind of friends to have after youth-obsessed witch friends. The fame obsessed friends reportedly started texting Taylor, "analyzing love like a scientist," testing text-me-back hypotheses, co-authoring dense papers, and giving guest lTaylor should spend more time "just feeling it." No man wants a brilliant scientist. Taylor Swift FINDS LOVE IN ASIA with Asian Guy in LA Supermarket with large cockatoo Advice to Taylor Swift Taylor Swift, Conor Kennedy break up, friend says 'it was just a distance thing' The pair has been dating since this summer, after Swift reportedly sought the approval of matriarch Ethel Kennedy. Taylor Swift and beau Conor Kennedy have officially parted ways. Are they never, ever, ever getting back together? Taylor Swift and beau Conor Kennedy have officially parted ways, a source close to the bubbly singer confirmed to <b>…</b>

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