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Dahlem Custom Telecaster Style Pick Ups on 1967 Telecaster w. maple neck Part 3

Berlin's Michael Niedzwetzki demos a maple cap neck 1967 Telecaster loaded w. Dahlem custom Telecaster style pick ups. Michael is known for his passionate love for old vintage guitars, especially for early Broad- No- and Telecaster guitars. He has been using a variety of Telecaster guitars since many years. This man knows his stuff. I'm proud having made him happy w. one of my telecaster PU creations. As he said,.. "For years I've been through every kind of boutique Telecaster pick ups you can think of, but for me this pick up is the real deal. When I say I like it, then be sure that this is exactly what I'm saying." As a side note, the strings were nicked and worn from frequent experimentation and installing various bridge pick ups. We also detected that the string set up was less than optimum as the strings seemed to hit the frets with Michael's playing style. Unfortunately we realized things after the videos had been done and after Michael had already left the set. Anyway,I hope you will have fun anyway. How it was recorded: Unlike almost all other guitar and gear demos, Dahlem guitar pick up demonstrations are brought to you without adding any sound enhancing effects. This will provide you with the most authentic sound of the guitar with its' Dahlem pick ups. However to some very little extend we decided to use a limiter for a more convenient Internet usable audio (see the listing below). The tone signal is going through an early stock 70ies Fender Princeton Reverb <b>…</b>

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