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How To Talk To And Date Models

Demonstrate Authority In Her World
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Let’s say you meet a fashion model and she’s acting acting arrogant towards you. If you believe it’s her model status that is at the foundation of the snobbish behavior then it’s incumbent upon you to know something about the industry that is supposed to intimidate or impress you. I’ll explain why shortly.

Along with knowledge of her world it’s important that you begin working on your limiting beliefs right now! True confidence and insecurity will show through your body language and tone, regardless of your words.

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The 11 Laws Of Attraction


The 11 Laws Of Attraction are the 11 things that attract women to men.  Regardless of what you may have heard women “say” these are the things they respond to.  These are all things under your control.  And these are the things you must develop to succeed with women and dating.

1.Intelligence- Begin surrounding yourself with smart people.  Go out
of your way to add value to their lives.  In other words, be
friendly.  Talk to smart people, ask lots of questions and be a
good student of those who have something to teach.  Also, take
advantage of the fact that many of the most brilliant people in the
world have written books.  Commit to read one book a month that
will improve you and make you a better person.

2.Persistence- Recognize that any situation can be turned around if
you’re committed.  Keep making subtle changes in your approach
until you get your desired outcome.

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