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Bad Dating Advice For Men: Where Does It Come From?

Guys, are you sick of getting bad dating advice that ends up not working out, or worse working out but leaving you with an unhappy, unsatisfied woman? Then stop using dumbass rules like "Make her feel bad," or "Flirt with her friends." This advice is not going to land you a happy woman. If you want to attract a woman with brains, who you enjoy being with, then learn how women think, what they like – and most importantly, what they need from a man to make them happy. A woman does not NEED a man who is going to make her feel bad about herself!

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asking a girl on a first date…?

Jon Asked: asking a girl on a first date…?

I thought of moving things forward and ask her out on a date. I like her and she likes me (her friends told me). Although we have an AWKWARD kind of friendship (like we rarely talk in person since we're both shy), I'm thinking of asking her out anyway. People say I need to take it slow and start of as friends. But **** it my friend told me she's waiting for me to make a move. So I'm thinking of a movie date, ice skating after, then dinner. The thing is, I want it to be perfect since I find this girl special and she deserves the best.
So… Here are my questions:
- Is ice skating a good activity on a date?
- How do I ask her out?
- How do I make it perfect?

Pickup artists and dating coaches… aspiring or real ones help me out! 10 points for the best answer!

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Twisted, messed up FWB? Advice?

Alana Asked: Twisted, messed up FWB? Advice?

So, I have this friend. Let's call him M. We never really were that close until we started talking at the beginning of March, on a madrigals trip. He's kind of a flirty, player type, but to be fair, so am I.

He had just broken up with his girlfriend of almost two years (we'll call her S) and it was becoming known that he and this other girl (L) have a 'thing.' S and L are both fairly good friends of mine. I had just come out of a messed-up not-quite-relationship with this other guy (T), and was starting to have a thing with someone else (K). We started talking because we were curious about each other's drama, and how silly people were being (we both tend to be more the types to just want everyone to calm down and get over ****.)

Anyway, as we started talking, we realized that we had very similar stories, especially over the summer. He had cheated on S over the summer, and I had cheated on a guy I was dating at the time, too. We both felt guilty about it and had ended the relationships (although he dragged his out a lot longer).

We realized we had very similar tendencies in these circumstances,and ended up making out spontaneously, then realized that we needed to talk about that **** and figure out what the hell was going on. We came to the standard FWB agreement– no feelings, just hookups. And we're both totally cool with that. We hooked up 3 times.

However, a month later, we have both made our 'things' 'official'. So L is now his girlfriend, K is now my boyfriend. M and I almost hooked up yesterday because we were both just really horny (he was giving me a ride home from another choir trip and my parents were out of town), but after just a little making out, we stopped and were like, 'we should think about this.'

So here's the real question. Is it okay to have an FWB at the same time as a relationship? We've talked about this, and in a way think that it could help a relationship. Like those times when you are really happy with the person you're with both physically and emotionally, but just NEED to be with someone else physically, but still don't want to ruin the relationship? It's a better alternative to cheating, and we're both agreed that no living soul will ever ever ever know. We can just hook up (as infrequently as possible, only when we think it will keep us from getting really frustrated from being stuck in our relationships). We both really like and want to maintain arelationship with the people we're with now, and have no feelings whatsoever for each other, just attraction. This feels a little messed-up to me, but at the same time it makes perfect sense.

And I mean, maybe I'm just overthinking it all. It's just high school. I'm allowed to be young and stupid and try to figure things out. It should be okay for me to try this and see if it works out, right? If something goes wrong, it's only a lesson learned and I can move on. But we both think this is pretty much the perfect arrangement.

Please don't just rant or yell at me or tell me I'm a slutty *****– if you have a strong opinion, that's great, but try to stay calm and explain exactly what you're thinking. I just want to see what the majority of people would have to say about this. Like, I'm legitimately trying to figure this out– I know I'm young and stupid and you all may change my mind completely, but I feel like this could work and I don't see how it would hurt anyone.

So yeah. icon smile Twisted, messed up FWB? Advice? Sorry this is basically like the longest story ever. There's a lot more I could say, but I have to cut it off somewhere, right? Let me know what you think. Thanks to all in advance icon smile Twisted, messed up FWB? Advice?

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