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I’m 23, never had a girlfriend, have a non-existent social life, and I have no future. Feel depresse

Mark Asked: I’m 23, never had a girlfriend, have a non-existent social life, and I have no future. Feel depresse

I feel like a total loser and It's making me feel depressed with my life. Below are the issues in my life that are bothering me.

- I have never had a girlfriend. This is mainly due to my lack of confidence during my teens, in which I suffered a lot of physical inperfections, such as bad acne, overweight issues, and losing my mother when I was 14 years old. Due to these issues, I was lacking confidence and became a recluse after my mother passed away. I missed a lot of schooling, therefore I had to play catch up and things just weren't ever the same. I am still a little overweight, but I have lost a lot of fat and I now have clear skin which isn't spotty any more. But because of my lack of dating when I was younger, I am now less confident and not as experienced around girls. My friends are all dating or in relationships, whereas I am still single and struggling to find my way in life.

- Non-existent social life

This is mainly the reason that my dating life is non-existent too, as I just don't go out much any more because my friends have girlfriends, therefore they spend time with their girlfriends and don't go out as much any more. It is depressing that my social life is so bad now, as there was a time when I was going out every other week, but now It feels like I'm losing contact with my friends now. The thing is, I'm not in employment or education, so I can't meet people. I would love to meet new people, but at the moment it's pretty much impossible.

I have no Future.

I went to College (UK College) and completed a Sports Course, and I applied to go to University to study sports. But I didn't go, because I realised that Sports wasn't the route I wanted to go down for a future career. Since then I haven't really had a definite passion for anything career wise, I just want to find a job at the moment because I've been unemployed for so long. I have been asked by my cousin's husband if I want to work with him next week, helping with labouring and some other duties, so obviously I've said yes because I need some money, but I just don't like that I have no career or stable job at the age of 23, instead I have to work for a few months with family because I'm desperate for work, I feel pathetic. I was thinking of going back to education next year, but I have no idea what I want to study! I would like to go back to education for the social side, but then it is pointless going back to education if I don't know what to study.

Also, I still live at home with just my dad, so it's kind of depressing because I want to move out too. But if I go back to education, I will have to stick around and live with my dad for a further few years until University (if I go).

What do you suggest I do? I really need some useful advice, as I'm feeling pretty down about life at the moment.

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