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How should I approach girls differently?

Asked: How should I approach girls differently?

Before you think I'm some manwhore/pickup artist DONT. I'm a really nice and genuine guy. Honestly, I would say I'm one of the nicest guys out there and I'm not even trying to pat myself on the back at all, that's just who I am. (I get it from my mom). Now that this is understood please read/give advice. thanks!

Hey, I'll start off by saying that I'm a fairly attractive 19 year old male. I'm 5'9 about 130 lbs — kind of skinny; I'm toned but not super muscular or anything. It's not so much that I need help talking to girls but what seems to happen is literally every girl I talk to seems to move into the "long term" zone if that makes sense. It's like they want me as a boyfriend but no girls want to just fool around. I'm not a player at all, in fact I'm one of those "cute nice guys" (not to sound cocky or anything, I'm just trying to tell it how it is) but the problem is that no girls ever want a fling. I've never really been in a "real" relationship, and I've only slept with one girl. I've had hookups here and there but that was in high school.

My question is how can I talk to girls so that they want to get with me sooner, like I said I'm not a player it's just that it gets really annoying when every girl seems to want to take things slow and move toward the "relationship zone". I gotta have some fun before I figure out what girls I'm into/not into!

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