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My crush likes me back…now what?

Asked: My crush likes me back…now what?

My crush's best friend told me my crush likes me. We only have one class together (where we sit next to each other) and we talk at the end of the day as we walk out together.Other than that, I don't get to see him. Because of these things, I am interested in getting to know him better. I only know a few things about him so advice on how to best exchange numbers, and advice on talking with him would be great.If this helps, we are both 14 and in eighth grade. I'm not ready to ask him to go on dates/activities outside of school, other than our school's annual trip to 6 flags at the end of the school year. He also has a big sense of humor, and constantly jokes around. We have a few inside jokes and he teases me good-naturedly all the time.

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