Suffering abuse from a Church of Christ and bf that teaches there.need honest advice i feel bad plea

Nisa Asked: Suffering abuse from a Church of Christ and bf that teaches there.need honest advice i feel bad plea

Okay, so I'm 19 and the "man" Im dating is a 25 year old "Christian " that teaches at a church so I trusted him with everything. He made me feel so special and made me feel like what we had was the realest love ever!.He would tell me things like we are one in a million because we our each other's first.(i later found out that was a lie!!,i wasnt his first anything).He constantly talks about how blessed i am to have him and how great his looks are,how woman young and old desire to be with him. (but yet he doesnt drive or have a license).He says that I should give him belly rubs daily when were married and to rub his calves with my foot.

I'm not allowed to cook for anyone but him, he isolated me from friends and almost my whole family and said Women of God don't have girls night outs or friends,and that i couldnt go to college because i don't need it and its a waste. I confronted him about controlling me and he said theres nothing wrong with Godly controll.He insists that he's a King and i should treat him as one and got mad at me because i gave him Brownies on foil!We had a "marriage one on one" talk because he said he wanted to marry me and he also talked about moving in together after our first date…in this talk we discussed the disciplining of our kids when i had them,he said that he would do it roman style like they did in the Bible.

Which consits of tying down and beating,and he said it doesnt matter if he uses his fists or not and that if i try to stop him,i would be in trouble by him too. I was a virgin when we first met so he said I was rare like a ruby and to save my body for him (I did ) Later on in this relationship he started to call me names ,dumb,trick,retarted,ho,ugly etc and would back up his actions by saying if I act like one then that's what I'm going to be called, he also said that its bcus God punished ppl with wrath so that'swhat he does with me so Ill be afraid to go against his "law and authority " again!He also uses the Bible to control me i think,he twists it around,he also gets furious when i say he does! Whenever I threaten to leave he says ill be lonely, worthless, helpless, and in a world full of dogs without him.
He said id be lost without him and won't know God. I broke up with him twice and he sent me pics of things I got him in his toilet and also him burning a card I got him. He even went as far as to send pictures of a girl around my age and said he never wanted me and she was his new queen.When i ignored everything he was doing he called me 19xs back to back and left me eight horrifying messages. Also that there were plenty of pure women with long hair in his church he could choose from nd that he has "too many". I remember sleeping next to him then waking up to him starring dead in my face,he often had this cold stare without blinking,and id ask what he was thinkingabout and he would simply say "nothing". He has soo many followers from his church,people that beileve he's this great church going man that teaches God's word! They believe everything he says! Im almost certain He's convinced them that im the crazy one because ive forwarded them messages of who he truly is. Hethinks hes a "temptation" and that he Knows "bruce lees" art! So whenever i reminded him that he wasnt or i would laugh,he would get so angry! He tried to make me believe i was crazy by deleting me off his facebook twice then yelling at me saying it was my fault and that i was crazy..I also often found out that he would say things to test what i would say like when he took my virginity i told him that i didn't feel anything and he said "if you ever insult my man hood i will choke you out" he kind of said it jokingly but i could tell he meant every word. He even came out and asked me what i would do if he slapped me. I like a dummy went back all of these times out of fear and guilt and feeling sorry for him.bcus everything was always my fault and he said if I don't piss him off he wont act like that.He never could say im sorry,it was always "i need your forgivness", or "you need to repent your ways".

He lies i found out from his sister that his parents died a while ago, and that he stole there father's inheritance money. Also that he sent his own sister a voicmail saying she was a ho etc.then when i asked him about it he denied it and said he was just over his parents house a couple of weeks ago,and that she was a distant cousin,not his half sister.I wasn't allowed to wear make up fingernail polish, &chew gum.He would get so mad when I chewed gum and he got angry when I forgot to put my foot up while we kissed (he was silent and had an evil look the whole time ).He said if I left him it would be like me committing suicide becasue he won't be in my life that if I marry someone else then he would haunt me.


aerie Answered:
What the hell are you waiting on? Get the hell out, run fast and run far. The dude is a psychopath. F*ck that religious bullshit.

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