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"Stop Following Me!" – Authentic Evolution Inc. (AEI) – PS01 Stay tuned by: Subscribing to www.youtube.com Liking www.facebook.com Authentic Evolution Inc. (AEI) is a personal training and development company which offers educational programs, seminars, and retreats based on transparency and honesty designed to expand one's satisfaction and aliveness in life. www.AuthenticEvolution.US Ask any question at AuthenticEvolutionInc@gmail.com and/or www.facebook.com Our Mission: To facilitate the evolution of the human species into an empathic civilization. We want to create the more beautiful world our hearts tell us is possible: a world that works for most, a world that is healing, a world of community, connection, intimacy, and meaning. Confidence, love, success, conquering fear? All of the above and none of the above. Participants experience transformation. Transformation being different from change in that it doesn't take the past and change it, it doesn't add to, it doesn't subtract from, it doesn't reorganize, it creates a new context in which possibilities that didn't exist for oneself or one's life now all of a sudden come into being. Participants experience a new way of being that provides the context for self-expression, vitality, love, intimacy, and joy. They get their lives back. They evolve. Attend an upcoming retreat by tuning into: the RawBrahs: Subscribing to www.youtube.com Subscribing to www.youtube.com Perzan Short Bio: Perzan received his bachelor's degree <b>…</b>

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