Spraying Bricks – Episode 3 – YEFF aka REEPS ONE

Spraying Bricks caught up with Harry Yeff aka Reeps One redecorating his Warehouse in Seven Sisters, North London. After spending the day with Yeff it was clear to see that his visual art influences his vocal art and vice versa. Harry Yeff is usually better known for his stage name Reeps One. Having played at festivals such as Glastonbury he has become better known as the UK's leading beatboxer. His ability to hype crowds and shake venues with his vocal skill-set have become internationally acclaimed, placing him above the rest to win the Vauxhall UK Beatbox two years in a row and invited to the World Beatbox Championship. However, Yeff's true passion isn't his vocal art but his ability to apply his creativity to visual art. An original member of the Monorex team and a popular face of the live art battle Secret Walls, Yeff's work is diverse from graffiti down to his trademark intricate illustrations. He has the ability to hypnotise the crowd through both sight and sound. www.reepsone.co.uk http Twitter: @REEPS1 Spraying Bricks is a channel which explores beneath the surface of artistic creation. For every piece of art tells a story. Art is not just reliant on the superficial final piece, however the process, thought and meaning which creatives go through prior to the final art form. Pick up your Spraying Bricks T's from here: www.knglad.bigcartel.com Schedule Zomby — 12/1/13 @ 5pm Inkfetish — 19/1/13 @ 5pm Idiom — 26/1/13 @ 5pm Jimmy C — 2/2/13 @ 5pm

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