Speed Seduction Full Video Course Part 3

Now it’s starting to get really good.  In this video Ross breaks down the specifics of embedded commands, embedded suggestions, binder commands,weasel phrases, trance words, and gives LOTS of great examples.

Get your notepads out and be sure to take copious notes because this stuff is really awesome and great for taking your dating game to the next level. Remember: Double click the video to pause/play. Ross gives out tons tools, tips, and tricks so you might need to pause frequently. You’re gonna want to keep this information in written form as reference material.

I encourage you to adapt these powerful methods of sexual communication to your own personal style and watch the amazing results.  Don’t expect any particular outcome.  Continue being outcome-independent, talk and act in a charismatic, calm, positive way and IT WILL SPARK ATTRACTION.

You can tone down the delivery of the words and phrases a little, as Ross is “leaning” on them a little bit in his demonstrations so you can notice them.. He says this himself and tells you EXACTLY how to deliver them properly.



Ha ha, this guy is so good he actually uses the embedded command techniques on YOU as you watch the video!  You know what he’s doing, but it still works, lol.  I love it.

Be sure to do the assignment Ross gives at the end of the lesson.  It doesn’t matter what style of meeting women or “pick up” you use.  These seduction techniques are gonna help you meet, attract, and date gorgeous women no matter what style you prefer.

David Gideon
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