some cheating gf advice?

Asked: some cheating gf advice?

Hi, so I was dating this girl for a couple months. At the same time, she was dating another guy, nothing that was official for them yet. She eventually chose him. A coupe montha later, she called me and we started going out again, having sex, and she was still with the other guy. They eventually broke it off and we got together. We seemed fine, and got along really well and grew to love eachother. One day, I was late for work and she spent the night the night before, and I had her drop me off at the bus station to get to work since I wasn't going to find any parking. She drops me off with my car, and come to find out that same day she went out and cheated on me with another guy, using my car to meet him. I was furious, and broke it off with her. We then started speaking again, and I just always seem to fall weak and forgive people. Which I did for her, but didnt actually make us official again. We still hang out, and she really wants to be with me (she says), and wants to work it out, so we've been hanging out. Then I catch her again flirting with guys, which I then get upset over and the cycle goes again. We're ok again, then I find out again she's doing the same thing… I just find myself feeling really bad for her, i look at her and she starts crying and I just give in. I can't help myself.. I don't knnow what to do. I know she will just do it again, and I will just keep holding it against her, and she knows it, but will not completely let me go. It's hard for me, I think of her and worry about her, and hope she's ok. but think that she's probably just talking to someone else already, then lying to me when I ask her if she is… I don't know what to do…


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