Some advices please, about a girl I like?

Asked: Some advices please, about a girl I like?

I'm currently 21 and I'm American. I'm not being boastful or anything, but everyone state that I'm good-looking. I was in training for fitness and discipline in a so-called military academy. I know this girl, she was also from the school opposite my academy and we would always meet after school since I was staying at the dorm. I would walk her back to her house everyday and buy her things she likes, give her surprise gifts and anything. She was really attractive and boys are trying to get off with her, but she turned them down and told them she had someone she liked. Since I was the closest to her, I thought she like me so one day I brought her to this one place where we always watch the night view and I asked her out. I even told her I like her. I thought she'll accept me but she looked awkward and said she needed time. I wasn't troubled by her answer and I give her time. But then she started to avoid me and I hadn't heard from her for two weeks. On the third week, I finally spotted her but she was with a boy. They are obviously dating, holding hands and sorts. And I recognize that guy instantly; he was a playboy. He's from my academy and as far as I know, she didn't really know him as well as she know me! He's okay, handsome, but he's a year younger than us! I truly wanted to discuss this with her, and we meet that night. She told me she can't be with me because I'm a American. You see, she's Chinese and that playboy she liked is half Chinese and half American. I was sort of… Confused mixed with anger. I really don't know what to do. I like her so much and I was so nice to her! And now she rejected me like this, with a lame excuse! But even still, I like her and I could always welcome her with open arms if she come back to me. Am I doing the right thing? Should I just leave her, or should I not give up? Please, anyone. Give me some advice.


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