Should I take a break from my relationship?

Asked: Should I take a break from my relationship?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for about a year and a half now and it seems that we fight every day about nothing. In fact we just got into a fight because we couldn't find the Aspirin… So I really need some advice. He makes most of the money right now because I'm a full time college student. I work at a Dollar Tree, but maybe can muster up $600 a month, which would be enough to cover half the bills. But Right now, he makes about $550 on a good WEEK and constantly holds it over my head. We have a joint bank account, but he knows that he makes much more than me, and because of that he says he pays for everything. I know he doesn't mean it, he is the sweetest person I've ever known and he wouldn't intentionally do it to hurt me, but I think he likes having the power in the house because he's never had it before. I always feel as though I have to ask him what I can buy, when I can take the car, and what I can do around the house to make up for the difference in paychecks. I don't like feeling as though I make no viable contribution financially, and I feel so confined. I don't think I can take it much longer.

Neither of us have EVER gotten to experience living on our own. You know, doing whatever you want and not worrying constantly about what they other one will say if you buy something without asking? Or just having the freedom to jump in the car and head to walmart at midnight just because you feel like it? Well neither of us have gotten to do this. We didn't really date either, I just moved in with him and that was that. We are living together, and only have one car at the moment, but I am going to be getting my own car very soon. We have a VERY comfortable couch, which I am perfectly fine with sleeping on since this break will be my idea. I just never got to experience the independence of living on my own, and this might help a little. We can both take a step back from the relationship to assess what each of us contributes both financially and emotionally (relationship wise) and come back to it in a couple weeks with a new appreciation. This would strictly be a "no other relationships" and "no sex" break because we don't want to break up, but just want a little space. I would like a bit of advice on what you think might help make this a success, and even if it's a good idea? I just feel neither of us truly appreciates the other for what they contribute.


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