Should I get involved with HIM?

Asked: Should I get involved with HIM?

I am dating a guy who treats me very well however I am not sure if I will stay with him or not I need your advice….

He dated a woman for 6 years who he did not love. He stayed with her because he did not want to be alone. His family did not like her. After 6 years he ended their relationship and moved abroad. One year afterwards he went back home on holidays. She invited him to her place for no strings attached sex. She lied to him about being on the pill. Nine months later he receives a photo of a child saying it is his and that she wanted to surprise him and asked him to marry her. He refused and told her he would pay for the child but wanted nothing more to do with her.

One month after the birth of the child, she dumps the child on her parents in Ecuador and moves to live in Italy. My boyfriend has always made child support payments in Ecuador but she now wants to move the child to live with her in Italy (the child is now 2 years old) . She wants him to sign the relocation papers and get more child support money.

I want my own family. If he signs the relocation papers we will not be able to afford our own child. Should I leave him and find a man with no baggage? I don't want problems nor do I want to deal with a sleazy woman who abandons her child or a child who will grow up with psychological problems because it was unwanted.

What should I do….


yes you should because if you dont then what will you do with your life
if ur really love him and if he really want u in his life, if both r serious about the relationship, both need to decide.

u can manage and handle all kind of problems if ur in love wiht him and such petty things r not a big issue i feel, happens take a rihgt decision left to u.

both need to talk and decide wht it is and how it will be

Yes you better deal with that women … because … that kid was not planned (by your man) … she took kids responsibility solely and gave your man a surprise … that is totally undone …. and now she want to look after her child …
I know she is doing this as a mother .. but still it was all her planned …(giving birth to kid)

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