Should i end the relationship?

Asked: Should i end the relationship?

Ive been dating a woman for about a month now. She is 28, and i am 32. She is extremely busy with her career. She has numerous friends male and female and was in a sororiety in college. She currently has a male roomate, which i havent met yet. My dilema is i really like this woman and have developed feelings for her but our time schedule are not compatible. I work from 2pm until 10 at night. She works from 7 am until 3p. We see each other one or two times a week on fri or a saturday. During the week we dont talk just text here and there. I would like more time but i dont think its possible. Im not sure how we can grow with such little time together. I want to talk with her but i dont want to sound needy. I know she wants a long term relationship but i dont think her life is structured for that. When we see each other i feel like we are in love she kisses me uncontrollably, holds my hand and hugs me non stop. An advice would help on whats the best alternative in this situation. I really like thisbwoman but im not sure if i like her more than she does me. I just think her family, friends and carreer are priority right now


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