Should I contact him even though he lied?

Asked: Should I contact him even though he lied?

I met this guy about a mouth ago. We got close and when he'd see me, he'd take me bags. Pick me up and hug me in front of all of our friends. He'd always give me good advice.
He's everything I wanted in someone. He's smart, humble, outgoing, mature, funny. Etc.
We would talk all day and all night and he would always check up on me. See if I was having a nice day. Offer to buy me dinner lunch etc. I turned him down numerous times but I gave in and said I'd go on a proper date with him which would have been tomorrow.
On sunday we spoke on the phone the whole evening &he told me he was going to shower.
He then proceeded to talk to me through BBM. The conversation started to run dry &he started to ignore me which I thought nothing of. But usually at night he'd call me then I sa him update his status at mignight &12.30am about playing cards with what looked like a girls name.I didn't think anything of it, then I got a msg from him at 2am saying he fell asleep…&goodnight
I was upset. I ignored him for the whole day the next day. Thinking maybe he just wanted his space. At the end of that day I finally picked up his call and he started having a go at me…I was kind of confused. He ignored me yesterday & now he's getting upset when I told him I was busy. Long story short, I broke down & said well he was ignoring me etcetc.
He lied to me at first, said he was sleeping but I saw the updates…after a few words because I felt like my intellegence was being insulted, he confessed. Needless to say, he apologised & apogised but i resulted In deleting him. I've been through so much and he just let me down. Its not what he did (he was out smoking weed, playing blackjack with girls and his friend) it was the lie..I'm not his girlfriend but we got so close &I don't know whether I'd be able to trust him if things were to get serious..but now I honestly miss him. Since I deleted him off of my blackberry messenger though, he hasn't contacted me…should I even bother?


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