Should I break up with my girlfriend?

Asked: Should I break up with my girlfriend?

My girlfriend is really one of the coolest and nicest people you will ever meet, but I have some problems… I feel as though she is holding me back from the things I could be doing, for example: My dream job is a P.U.A. (pickup artist) and I don't believe I can do that with a girlfriend.

Another negative is that I feel she is kind of shallow, for example: I have medium length hair, but she FREAKS OUT whenever I think of cutting it like she might break up with me if I do. She said if I got a buzz cut, then she would get a buzz cut. Isn't that a little crazy?

And lastly I feel that I didn't start confidently enough (I was nervous before because she is my first girlfriend). I feel like I could do better as a boyfriend.

Should I break up with her? (we've only been together for 1/4 year)
If I shouldn't break up, what should I do?
Thanks for helping and the advice.


ok so, here goes.

1 – You can be a pick up artist with a girlfriend, you just need to sit down and talk about it. If it makes her feel uncomfortable then i'm sure you can understand why. Most girls would including myself. You need to talk about it!!

2 – Im not massively shallow, but If my boyfriend said he was going to get a buzz cut i'd nearly die lol Theres a fine line between shallow and not liking a big change in someone you like/love (if you get me) Im sure she wouldn't shave her hair off, its just banter, but kind of a warning at the same time lol

3 – If she knows shes your first girlfriend and shes the one for you, she will understand that your new to everything and wont be a ***** about it. You'll learn from one another in time. You have to start somewhere!!

4 – It sounds like you shouldn't break up to me, you just sound nervous that your not doing enough and taking things the wrong way. Communication is so important so just talk it out!! Whats the worst that could happen ey!?

Hope my motherly approach helps a bit lol

Ok Dude a couple of things you need to know kinda harsh but worth reading
1) Follow Your Dreams – if you want to be a P.U.A go off and do it if you cant be without her then tell her that you need her to understand your dream and be supportive you never know she might surprise you

2) if you want short hair have it but ask her why its a issue for her ?

3) " I feel like I could do better as a boyfriend." all men feel like this however you have done something you've admitted itask yourself how could you have been better then write it down and ask do i want to do better and ask how she feels about you mabe tell her you feel that you could have been better as a bf she will either agree or not but take this not as her getting at you unless she tries to change you

i hope this helps you my friend

Let me tell you something. Who likes you likes you as you are.

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