Should I be worried? Is he lying? Help :(?

Asked: Should I be worried? Is he lying? Help icon sad Should I be worried? Is he lying? Help :(? ?

Hi, my bf and I have been dating for almost a year now and everything was going great until I got insecure. The reason I got insecure is because of a girl he started working with. We talked it over and they don't like each other very much it was just in my head and I still get jealous yes but I don't care for her anymore. I understand they have to work together and my bf would never cheat on me he has been cheated on before and said he would never put me in that pain. Plus he is a video game nerd and people always tell her I'm out of his league because he is not that cute but of course in my eyes I think I am ugly and not good enough for him and he is too good for me. Anyway every since I became insecure we have been having problems. One is his time on I got angry because I found a few pictures he looked at that were of naked girls. Not porn and not that Gonewild thing it was just funny pictures and weird pictures but I still felt insecure. Also he says he doesnt watch porn but that he use to. we have sex almost everyday. he has a low sex drive because he is stressed from his job and over weight. Also he is not very interested in sex he just never has been because he thinks its not what a relationship is all about. He likes cuddleing more than sex but we still have sex like everydayz Also he ejaculates very fast because he says he is very attracted to me so sometimes all he can last is 1 minute then the most is 7 minutes. So should i really be worried if hes that attracted or is he lying?Anyway I aske him why he was looking at that and he said they are pictures and he just laughs then backs out and looks at other funny things and not all of them are naked pics he looks at like 200 post and pictures and maybe 10 are naked funny photos. I have never caught porn on his computer or history, and he doesn't look at other girls and if he does he will glance then look at me so I know he loves me I mean he's a guy of course he's going to look hell I look at guys too. Anyway I just don't like how he spends like hours a day on this website and I always feel like he's looking at girls. He goes into the bathroom takes his phone and reads news and goes on reddit so when I saw the pictures I thought maybe he was jacking off in the bathroom but he said he goes in there to use the bathroom then he just relaxes. He spends 30 minutes in there sometimes. I don't know if I am over reacting or not. And if he ever looked at porn should I freak out? Is it because he doesn't find me attractive? I feel so hurt and disrespected when he sees another naked girl. I just don't know how to handle this :/ I don't want to be insecure either because everyone tells me I'm beautiful and he's lucky to have me I just don't know why I feel this way. Please help me with advice and kind words only. Thank you


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