Shanghai, China: Asian Pickup Artist Bootcamp Review w/ Johnny Wolf of ABCs Of Attraction

DOWNLOAD how you can kiss a girl ( in under 5 minutes with a live infield video demo at NO COST to you! Take a peak inside a PUA Bootcamp with Johnny Wolf while he teaches a VIP Residential Training program in Shanghai, China based off of the world-famous ABCs of Attraction system: an evolution from the seduction pioneering days of David DeAngelo, Neil Strauss, and Mystery Method's pickup version 1.0 and into the newer, evolved, holistic pickup version 2.0 of the ABCDEF System (read our bootcamp ebook here Over the course of an entire week, this dating guru teaches Day Game, Night Game, Club Game and the simple difference between picking up Asian girls versus White girls. Whether it's getting a one night stand, multiple relationships or finding a loving, loyal, beautiful girlfriend, we can teach it to you in our VIP Residential Asian Pickup Artist Bootcamp. For more, read Johnny Wolf's personal blog at If you got something out of the video, please help us share it by posting it on your Facebook and Twitter. We will love you forever and ever! If you enjoyed this video then… Hit the "Like" button, add it to your favorites, and of course subscribe to our channel if you haven't already! _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Check us out on… Facebook YouTube: Our Twitter: OUR WEBSITE:

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