Sexy Times with Gurl – My Boyfriend Smokes & I Hate Smoking "My Boyfriend Smokes & I Hate Smoking" Smoking's gross. There are no two ways about it. We say avoid cigarettes any and every way you can. But, when the dude you love is a smoker, it's tough to avoid…and it can be tough to stay attracted to someone with such an icky habit. Sara's here to give you some advice on how to deal with dating a smoker, asking him to quit and deciding if you stick around. Got a Q for Sara? Put it in the comments and it could be next week's topic! Want more of Sara? Check out For more health, sex & relationship info, check And there's always tons of talk about love, sex & relationships on our Gurl hearts you big time! Do you heart us? Then be our bud: Subscribe: Boards: Facebook Twitter: Tumblr:

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