Session 1 [Series 2] – Masterclass with Paul Taggart

"Painting is my passion and sharing that passion gives me enormous pleasure. Although I work in all media, most particularly in my tutorials; nowadays the work produced for Private Collectors is primarily in oils, with watercolours, acrylics and pastels being used when specifically commissioned. Viewers of my tutorials will know that traditional techniques form the cornerstone of my work — which requires time and deliberation. This considered approach means that oil paintings take many weeks, if not months and in some cases, years to produce. Viewers of my work are fascinated to understand the process that I work through to arrive at the finished painting and for this reason we started to produce filmed reveals of some of my paintings, such as 'Lone Piper', 'Bonspiel' with accompanying narrative – this collection of films will also build. Followers of my tutorials are equally fascinated to get to grips with the traditional techniques, to have a greater understanding of them and so it is we will film a selected number of Masterclasses, focussing on one particular painting at a time. However, to film each and every stroke as I paint would involve a monumental amount of filming and viewing time – which is why the filming in this series of Masterclass will focus on one particular section, so that you can watch that develop from start to finish. We do hope you enjoy these films and pick up additional hints and tips from my method of working". MASTERCLASS SESSION 1 [Series 2 <b>…</b>

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