SERIOUS advice needed! My bf broke up with me & I’m pregnant! What do I do?

Savannah Asked: SERIOUS advice needed! My bf broke up with me & I’m pregnant! What do I do?

My now ex boyfriend & I dated for a little over 2 months. I can now admit that we rushed things, but at the time everything just seemed so right. We had a lot of chemistry. We talked for hours about everything, & spent almost everyday together. After having been in a horrible relationship of 4 years, it didn't cross my mind that things are always good in the beginning & then they eventually change.

About 3 weeks into our relationship he told me that he felt we were rushing things & he needed some time to think, & it was probably best to spend some time apart. He said I was too "jealous" & argued too much. I then found out that soon after he was asking other girls to hang out, & event told his friend that I wasn't what he was "looking" for & that I was too needy. I didn't understand how he could say that when he was the one saying he was in love with me, saying he wanted to have a baby with me, get married & was the one looking for apartments.

About a week after, I didn't get my period & found out I was pregnant. I decided to contact him & he told me that he had been thinking about me, missed me & wanted to work things out. I believed him, but now I feel like he only said that because I was pregnant. He wasn't the same guy I had met anymore. He told me that he didn't want to have the baby & that I should abort it. He was really dry with me, & was constantly on his phone 24/7. How could he say I was jealous & argued too much, when he was obviously giving me reasons to be that way? 2 days ago, I saw a text message on his phone from some girl & I told him how could he be so disrespectful knowing I was pregnant? He didn't say a word & I left. The following morning he texted me saying "I'm sorry if I hurt you, I don't mean to disrespect you, but my feelings for you are gone. It sucks that the baby won't grow up with both parents together, but I cannot be with a woman I don't love anymore." He added that I should respect his decision, and to live my life & let him live his.

What should I do? I don't believe in abortion, but I've made a huge mistake in allowing myself to get wrapped up in the fairytale of something that is no longer there. I allowed myself to get pregnant because I believed I wouldn't have to do it alone, but it's obvious that I will be doing it alone if I keep this baby. Aside from that, what should I do in regards to my ex boyfriend?


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