Send a card or let her come to me?

Asked: Send a card or let her come to me?

Right, I need some advice.

Some background information; my ex (we dated years, both mid 20s) broke up with me and confessed she cheated just before she broke up. We tried to stay friends, but somehow never managed. She felt the need to tell me she had slept with yet another guy and dated the first guy she cheated with. No idea why. She shouldn't have done that, I found it inconsiderate of my feelings. I went on a holiday and when I came back she wanted me to tell her all about it, I didn't feel like sharing everything with her. So I said "maybe some other time". She got mad and told me she doesn't want to talk to me anymore. She acused me of acting childish (when in my eyes I've been nothing like that, if anything, she's acting like a 16 y/o) and that our time didn't mean enough to me to maintain a friendship. Like I said, it never felt like a friendship to me, just an awkward something where I took all the punches.

Af first, it didn't feel right for me, just cutting each other out of our lifes. So I wrote up a letter, 3 pages long. I didn't send it straight away. After a week I reviewed it and scrapped 1 page. Now, a month later, the thing is half a page and I'm wondering if it's even worth sending it to her. It's not like it's going to change anything. I feel she is the one who should apologize and contact me if she wants.

So, do I send the card or let it be?


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