Secret Stealth Attraction Tactics – David DeAngelo "Insider" Tells All Click the link below for more info and to order "David DeAngelo "insider" breaks his silence after 7 years…" Richard Miller was a guest speaker on David DeAngelo's "cocky Comedy:…"deep inner game" and "Meeting women Online".. He specializes in the inner game of banter and other ways of using customized humor to attract women… After studying theories of personality types of over 15 years Richard has unique insights into Female personality types and "identities" archetypes…and what he calls "attraction currencies" which is a system that helps men uncover their true attractive qualities that women desire.. Richard was behind the scenes during the creation of all of the David DeAngelo products and ran the "interviews with Dating gurus" program for several years and he also happens to be David DeAngelo's best friend.. Richard has been working on these concepts and the frameworks for these programs for several years and this is the first time he's spoken on the topic on these topics on camera in over 7 years. Program Descriptions: -"Secrets of Personality Persuasion": How to read her personality in seconds and connect with her so deeply that she's asking for your number… Ask any woman why she's with the man she's with and she'll always say "I feel a connection with him".. In this program we will teach you the secrets of personality types…so you can step into her model of the world and she can feel that "connection" with you within <b>…</b>

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