Science: it’s a girl thing!@ NEMO (Amsterdam)

225 school students find out how exciting and interesting — and how much fun — science can be! The programme of this "Science: it's a girl thing!" event included: – interactive and fun science experiments at the NEMO Science Centre in Amsterdam – a "speed dating" session with women scientists sharing their passion for science – mini-debates on women and science – a theatre show – Radium Love – highlighting the life and work of Marie Skłodowska-Curie – a surprising lecture on the difference(s) or similarities between boys and girls in science Curious about it? Just press play, watch, enjoy comment, rate and share! Subscribe ! Check out our website ! Stay tuned by following us on: Science: It's a girl thing! 's Facebook: Transcript (EN) Marinda : "I think most girls don't choose this direction because it was a habit that it was for boys, that there is less information available for girls but also because girls usually have different interests than science." Hanna luden : "I believe that girls are very suitable for science because they tend to research things more thoroughly, and that is exactly what you need in science." Isolde Hallensleben: "There is a difference between men and women, women look at things differently than men. And I think that is good for science and the development of mankind, to say it grandly." Rachel van Beem: "I'm not in favor for teams with only men or only women, but a <b>…</b>

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