Riches – Lay it Down – Track 1

Artist: Richard Thoms Producer: Liam Pattinson Label: Riches Music Pro. Email: Lyrics: I got this feelin inside man and i cant describe it I never heard of rap i guess ill pick this up and try it I picked up a pen and some paper just startin writin I was actually pretty good so i excited Went out bought a mic, some cable and a shock mount Pumped my music loud and got people to rock out They played it at my school dance everyone was happy They were like Richard your fuckin sick at rapping Suddenly the girl came easy and people liked me We were layin back, chillin sippin ice teas I've always been happy no matter what ive done Cause i got a new house, nice friends and a great mom Because she blessed me with the life that im given Just remember just cause u alive don't mean your liven Watch spongebob, get mcdonalds and just eat Mixed with nutella your life is complete – I pick up the mic spittin and they lose their minds I give em ear gazems with my sick rhymes I remember when no one wanted nothin cause i was nothing Now everyone want something now that im something But my family comes first and so does school Because without education you ll never make it dude So you gotta buckle down and just suck it up You only got one chance so don't fuck it up Because you're more privileged then a lot of kids Don't make your life something u wish u un did We grow and we learn as much as its a struggle But i'd rather study then go get myself in trouble I try tell a <b>…</b>

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