Relationship Advice , Please & Thank You (:?

Asked: Relationship Advice , Please & Thank You (:?

So i was dating this guy for a while, and i broke it off because i didn't have feeling's for him. He fell head over heels for me. He told me he loved me and he wasn't gonna let me go that easy so we continued to talk, we weren't in a relationship but our conversations seemed like we were. about a month later i told him that we should just talk as friends but that didn't work because our conversations always turned in to conversations as if we were still in a relationship, you know arguing and jealousy and stuff like that. I was always the one to start the arguments and play with his feelings. I always lead him on then i would do something terrible. And he would forgive me. I then became like addicted to playing with his feelings so i would do it on a daily basis. About two weeks ago i told him we shouldn't talk at all not because something happened i told him for no reason at all. After not talking to him i guess i realized how bad i did him and that i do have feelings for him and love him. I haven't talked to him in a few weeks but i want to. I want to lt him know how i feel but i don't want a relationship. I don't know what i want. Should i say something to him? And if i should what should i say? ALSO I think he has started talking to someone else, my Friend icon sad Relationship Advice , Please & Thank You (:? What Should I Do?? Should I say something to him??


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