Okay this is gonna be long and I've been a mess the past two days and I just need an outsiders advice other then my family and friends.
I started dating my boyfriend when we were 17 ( I'm now 20) in the beginning of our relationship he was very strange.. he always wanted to hang with friends instead of seeing me and what not . He liked drinking and partying too much but i told him that i couldn't be with someone like that, so he decided to take a break with it and for the past 2 and a half years of our relationship.. we basically spent every waking day with each other. Just three days ago we had a great valentines day.. he spent over 200 dollars on me and we had very intimate sex which we haven't done in awhile.. he literally told me he wanted to marry me and everything was FINE.
The next night I was at his house and i went upstairs to confront him because lately he's been ignoring me a lot ( playing video games, constantly watching tv..etc) * also i feel like he's changed.. he constantly is smoking weed ALL the time, he won't wake up and get out of bed i have to basically force him to its almost like he has no motivation at all .. he also stopped going to college he's constantly missing school* SO anyway, i went to confront him about the ignoring thing and i layed down on his bed because i take pain meds from my surgery and i got tired.. he was being really annoying laying all over me and i kept telling him to stop because i was actually tired and he wasn't just trying to lay with me he was like laying on my hair and like really bothering me ( not in a cute way) so he got off the bed and i was pretending like i was packing my stuff to go and i didn't say a word to him. All of a sudden he comes up and he's legit in my face like his face was so close to my face it was touching mine and he was screaming DELTE ALL OF OUR TEXTS DELETE THE TEXTS.. nothing was making sense to me .. why would he want me to randomly delete texts? So finally it got to far and i wouldn't delete them so he pushed me ( i just had knee surgery a month ago and i can't bend my leg at all i have a brace on and i had my fourth neck surgery a couple of months before that.. pushing someone is very serious ESPECIALLY after they had that many surgeries) so i slapped him and i said thats it I'm going home. He told me if I left i would make the biggest mistake of my life.. idk why he would say that we both needed space clearly and he JUST pushed me I didn't want to be around him. So my mom got there and he was like can I have one last hug… REALLY? thats just weird…
When I got home I had to make contact with him i had to call i had to text and while on the phone i asked why he didn't drive over immediately to try and fix things.. if you love someone that much you would do whatever it takes knowing you pushed them and basically gave them no choice but to leave. So he told me that he had no gas in the car.. * oh okay i guess now I'm not even worth five bucks of gas? mind u he's a very cheap person as it is, but still*
So the next day we talked again and he said there was no chance of us getting back together.. ( we already changed our fb status to single and i made a Facebook status saying i was done with him which 70+ people liked.. but that doesn't mean we couldn't date again… i was willing to give him another chance.) he then literally told me he stopped loving me a month ago..
This is what I need help with.. how did he stop loving me a month ago.. yet buy me expensive **** even though he's cheap and kept having me around having VERY intimate sex and telling me he wanted to marry me? Do you think he's only saying this because he was mad about the Facebook status because he isn't a public person like that? Because why would he of bothered to take me out and spend money on me if he didn't love me. It honestly makes no sense and I'm really confused. When he came over to talk he said he wanted to be friends but i can't be friends with someone like that… then when he left he stood on my front porch for a half hour staring at my door. He told me though that the only reason why he was breaking up with me was because he didn't want to hurt me since I'm always trying to get him to be a better person ( knocking the bad drinking habits** he doesn't just have a couple of beers he has to have like 14 until he passes out.. he even went to a bar with me and drank unattended drinks)**
I just need advice.. do you think he's gonna come crawling back? We were so close we literally spent everyday with each other and slept over each others houses.
Im just a mess from this especially since i can't really get out of bed from the constant surgeries.
I just want an opinion from an outside view. Do you really think he meant he didn't love me? Ive done everything for him. This is seriously breaking my heart.


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