Relapse Promotional Video

Please donate to our cause $5 or $10 dollars would make all the difference in making this movie a reality. My name is Rene Samuel Gonzalez II, I am currently a Junior majoring in the Film BFA program at the University of Central Florida. I was born and raised in Miami, Florida and have been trying out nearly every art form since I could pick up a pencil. I chose film because of the impressions great movies had on me. So it has been my dream ever since I was in elementary school to make movies. The short film Relapse, is an assignment for my Directing 2 class. However, my goals for this film are above and beyond class requirements because I want to reach my full potential as an artist. I want to captivate audiences with questions and use stories to reveal truths and inspire new ideas. To make this all possible my film has to be believable to audiences by using realistic props, sound fx, special effects etc… These things cost money. More money than I have. So please help out with the relapse production. Visit our Facebook

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