question before I go to OCS?

Connor Asked: question before I go to OCS?

I am currently a Marine Officer Candidate. Before I go to OCS I have a question for this community: Are there some people who are just not meant to become an officer?

Before you go off and say, go to OCS and let the Marines there decide if you are capable or not, let me explain. Also, I am not looking for an answer from my OSO as I am a bit leery. He is a great guy and a great Marine, but he is also in the salesmen billet of the corps, so I feel like his answer would be a influenced by that billet. I am not scheduled to go to OCS until the summer of 2013. I have already graduated from PLC juniors and now I have to go back for Srs. Please keep reading

As a Marine, as how I understand it, I know that you have to be constantly adapting to new situations. You have to be able to think on your feet. You have to solve things on your own. Am I right? At Jrs, I found it very difficult to adapt to most of the things that were thrown my way. Whether it was time management after lights, whether it was learning my role as a billet holder, drill, academics, the list can go on and on.

Also, I am not a very good leader at all. I am extremely introverted and soft spoken. Think of the people who sit in the back of the classroom and hardly say a word. I get nervous when I am put into leadership positions. When I do get into leadership positions, I often get overly nervous and tend not to assert myself. I am sure it would be hard for Marines to follow somebody who appears all timid and shy.

In a wrap, My biggest concerns are that if I get the chance to join the Marines as an officer and I take the chance, that I would have to be babied so I could learn my new positions. Also I feel like I do not have the leadership potential to lead Marines.

P.S. (bonus question, you do not have to answer if you do not want to.)

I have thought about enlisting into the military. Here are my thoughts:
If it is possible to love a sport, then I believe that I am in love. By joining the Marines, or any branch for that matter, I would be saying goodbye to my chance to play professionally, which I believe that I have a decent chance. However, I also look at history and I see that without the military, there would be no USA. If it was not for the people who are fighting today, people might not have the ability to go and chase their dreams and live a "good life" while others are dying and going through sleepless a hell to protect the freedom that allows civilians to live the "good life." I just feel like it is not right that I could go and enjoy the freedoms and the luxuries of this country while others are sacrificing all of their freedom possibly for the rest of their lives. However, when I look the other way, I realize that the sport that I do is what I love to do. I have a strong passion for it. It is the reason why I chose to go to the college that I went to. It plays a role to some degree in the major that I chose. I have a strong passion for the sport. I dream about it, I think about it a lot. The sport is the reason why I chose to "breakaway" from somebody I was dating befroe we got into a relationship. I train everyday to get better. Like I said, if it is possible to love a sport then I love that sport. What are your thoughts about this if you have any? How do I find out which way is the way that I was meant to go? I dont know, it just digs into my heart that I might be taking teh option to live the good life at the expense of so many sacrifices by hundreds of thousands of men and women all over the world. However, I have a deep down passion for this sport, and I would probably make a sacrifice of both of my nuts if that would be the difference between God letting me go pro or just staying average. Do you have any advice on this last paragraph?


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