puaism vs SUPREMEISM

playersupreme.info – LEARN THE TRUTH HERE Pua's or pickup artist state that you can be short, fat and balding and still date smoking hot women by learning their magic pick up techniques. In this video I will separate the truth from the out right bare faced lies about meeting and dating hot women. Lets start with the truth of meeting and dating hot women: Truth # 1: Women do the choosing! I'm sorry but running up in a girls face trying to pick her up with some magic openers and magic scripts will not get that hot woman to want to date you. You have to give her something to choose. That means looks, energy, confidence and everything else that may be on her list of criterias for dating men. The main thing is confidence. Women love confident males. It is bred into them since primitive times. Back then the confident male was a good protector and provider. If you scored with a woman then chances are 100% that she chose to sleep with you. So starting your game with that fundamental and basic truth is where all guru's should be teaching their game from. From there you extrapolate the simple but true logic thought of "well if they choose how about learning what they want in a potential date." From there you back engineer the whole dating process and get it to work for you instead of against you in the area of meeting and dating women. While you back engineer you learned that women not only liked confident males but nicely dressed ones as well went to the top of their list, next to <b>…</b>

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