Promise Ring? or is it better to just wait to afford the real engagement ring?

Mr S Asked: Promise Ring? or is it better to just wait to afford the real engagement ring?

So my girlfriend and I have been dating for a year and a half. I am ready to settle down and EVENTUALLY start a family. I dont want to rush into it by any means, but I am ready to. I just graduated college. I am 21, fully employed living at home with my folks. She is 19, softmore in college, living with her folks.

Currently we are separated by about 2+ hrs of driving. I go to her on the weekends, and all is well. Granted we've only been long distance for 4 weeks, but I think we could make it, at least I am extremely hopeful. Since she is in school yet, obviously she isn't quite as ready to settle down as much as I am. I considered proposing, but I would like to live together before we actually tied the knot. So I was thinking a promise ring?

To promise her that I will love her unconditionally unitl she is ready to move forward. I already bought the ring she had 'pointed out' saying that it would be like the 'perfect' promise ring. It's retailed at $1200 but I got it on a 50% off sale. So its not exactly engangement ring quality. But is it a good idea? I dont want to scare her away. She always tells me she wants to grow old with me…etc. but jokeinly sometimes. I want to marry this girl but considering my financial standpoint, and our distance, her schooling, i figured a promise ring would be ideal. How do I give it to her? I dont want to go too romantic and scare her away, or make her think its a proposal.

As much as Id love to propose, I just dont see us ready to fully commit yet. Shes still with her mom, im still at home shes in college, im fully employed, etc. So please any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Curious Jennifer Answered:
Wait to afford the engagement ring. While you're waiting, you can keep thinking about whether or not you're making the right decision. Best of Luck!

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