Problems with ex gf , please just give me some advice?

Asked: Problems with ex gf , please just give me some advice?

so we dated for 1 year and 1 month , she broke up with me , we kinda got back together for a couple of months but it was always fighting so she end up getting with some guy and blah blah blah, im over her now , its been 6 months and sometimes she calls to check up on me and i call to check up on her , im currently dating a girl shes BEAUTIFUL , like 10-10 , but for some reason lately i can't take my ex out of my head like shes not beautiful , shes sexy , i dont want to go back with her i just want to hook up , i know its wrong she has a bf and im dating my best friend but i can't help it , her bf comes every 3 months so its not that hard to make a move plus we were close to hook up again like 3-4 months ago but she stopped me and said that not until shes single, she always told me how good looking i was and that i would be the perfect man if ill be bigger and in the past 6 months i been at the gym and now i look so much different so im pretty sure she will go crazy , the thing is that i know is wrong , is this feeling going o go away?do you think she will give me a chance? should i just try ? like a one time thing ..? i still love her but i know its over between us and my new girl is amazing , im just a little worried because every time i look at my ex is like I'm looking at kim kardashian ( they look alike) i called her today after like 1 month of no talking and ask her if she was down to hang out , she said that she has a lot of school now but later and she also said thank you for calling so idk , i don't like getting rejected , so i dont know if i should try …this is just a silly problem im trying to resolve , thats it.
i never cheated in my life , its just a thing i have with my ex , shes like the perfect looking woman to me so dont think im a bad person -__-


You need to leave your ex-gf alone.she has a BF and just turned you down to hang out.She's taking the high road and trying to move on.You are not.Don't try to have sex with girls just because you see them as a conquest ("I'm going to get buff, make her crazy, have sex with her….but it's so over between us).That's not the right thing to do to your ex or your current gf.
buddy, your asking for trouble

why would you want to hurt your current girlfriend?

dont do it, one night with her isnt worth ZERO nights with your girlfriend

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