Problem communicating rationally with my mother. Any advice?

Asked: Problem communicating rationally with my mother. Any advice?

Because my mother is handicapped, I spend three months out of the year living with her and looking after her. I am divorced with no children, and my job allows me this situation. I love my mother and feel that it is my duty to look after her when I can. She has her own money, so this is not our issue. The problem is her personality. When I make her lunch or dinner, she asks me what I made and how I made it – the exact ingredients and directions. If I don't tell her she becomes angry. When I leave the house i have to give her exact details of where I'm going and why and what time I will be back. When I'm on the phone, she wants to know who with. If I tell her who and a bit of the conversation she insults the person or makes fun of our conversation. If I go on a date, she suggests that the man is a loser or there is something wrong with him, indicating that a man who wants to date me must have some problems. I am not sure how to handle her. I do not want to abandon her. I have tried to explain to her that her behavior is abusive and controlling, but she remains the same. What do I do now?


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