Pretty long to read but please take the time. I need advice, i dont know what i did wrong. Ill answe

Asked: Pretty long to read but please take the time. I need advice, i dont know what i did wrong. Ill answe

We started talking then one day we kissed, and I liked him a lot, then I stopped liking him because he was too controlling, asking "What are we" already, so I got scared off, and we stayed friends, but then a couple days later we kissed again, we really liked each other so it was hard to move on.

Anyway, about two and a half weeks ago we talked on the phone and we said we'll stay friends, and if in a month we don't have anyone, and we still like each other, we'll date. So anyway, a week after that, I find out he's had a thing with this girl for like two weeks….. And three weeks ago is when we kissed and we weren't just friends. So now I've seen him at the metro, but I totally ignore him.

And two weeks ago he came and sat at the table with me, my friend, and his friend.. And I just put my earphones in and didn't look at or talk to him. Then I kept seeing him around the metro that day and he gave me this weird/awkward smile.

And I smiled in a weird way back and kept walking. But my friend was telling me that at the table it looked like he felt bad.. Anyway, that a week ago I posted a pretty picture of a view, and I wrote I was with two guys and my best friend.. And he liked the picture… Why? He never does, why do you think he did? Anyway I'm waiting for him to apologize, and I know he's really gunna miss me… And i don't think he knows that i know he had a thing with a girl for two weeks while we did.. that's what i'm upset about..

Also, that fb post with the picture was to make him jealous, and he liked it… Lol ugh! This is so upsetting, i like him SO much and i want him back, but him and that girl still have a thing. But! My best friend goes to school with her, and she told me that him and that girl have liked each other for like four years.. and it never worked out because she's so complicated and him too. So me and my best friend doubt it's going to work out for them.

And she's always trying to get into my business.. I texted him last week i think saying "heey, sorry i've been ignoring you lately.. i'm just so pissed" And he never answered.. So my friend told me that she talked to him and asked him if he was coming to my party, and he said yeah why, and she said because you guys don't talk, and you never answered her text and he said his ipod is screwed up & he's not getting any texts.

Oh and that girl he has a thing with, told me they had something. What do i do? I had a halloween party three nights ago, and he said a month ago or so that he booked off his shift so he could come. turns out, a couple days ago he at least asked my friend 5 times in a couple days when the party was.. and i asked him also, and he said yeah he thinks he's coming. So three days ago the night of the part at around 5pm, i find out through his friend that he cant go because he's working.. Because someone wanted to have the night off so he took it for him. Was it on purpose??

Because he said he was coming and he kept asking my friends about it. Also, he never even bothered answer my text a couple days ago saying "heey we don't talk any more.. sorry i was ignoring a couple weeks ago, i was so upset." And he didn't even bother messaging me saying sorry i couldn't make it to your party. (I messaged him that on facebook, and he was posting stuff & didn't answer.)

Anyway.. I hangout with his friend yesterday, and his friend called him with my phone, but he wasn't there, he was at the mall so when he got off the phone, his friend said to me "Let's go to the mall!!" I asked why, and he said he wants to be seen with me by him. Then he texts him with my phone, saying "Hey this is ____, i just wanted to know if we're hanging out soon, ill text you when i get home, bye!"

And yeah, then his friend told me that yesterday he talked to him at school, and his friend said "You should have came to the party!" And my guy said "I had work.. what did you guys do?" And his friend said "It was so much fun!! i slept at her house.." And then my guy starts punching him playfully.. I don't know what to do any more, he's not giving me a chance to explain how i feel!!!!!! What do you think i should do?


Well try to calm your self down. Guys are very confusing at time and show very mixed emotions. Give it a couple days. Send him a text saying how you feel and just bring it straight forward on him. Don't use any capital letters cuz it would seem like you were yelling. Stay call in the text. And if he doesn't reply you will see how much he cares.
Maybe wait a day for him to reply and if he doesn't then just text him "now I know how much you really care"
Or around those lines.
Next time you see him go up to him and tell him. And if he has nothing to say or can't think of anything then just walk away on him.
If he just says I'm sorry tell him sorry isn't enough.

He really disappointed you and I know how that feels. I'm actually going through something quite similar.
You just have to let him know how you feel or else he will never get it, and if he hears it fromsomeone else he won't believe it. He has to hear how you feel from you. Guys don't know girl emotions and how well girls hide it. That why we have to tell them so they know.

Just stay calm and don't leave it inside. Find someone that you can pour your heart out to. And even pour your heart out to him. If you don't then he will never know.

Hope I helped

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