Soooo, my friend found out on September 10th, 2012 that she's pregnant by her boyfriend she's been dating for 8 months. She's extremely terrified. Her dad has never met her boyfriend. Her dad is somewhat "racist" ? Her boyfriend is African-American & she is White/Filipino. The dad is a devout catholic (so how is he racist?) & the mom aswell. Anyways, her dad still thinks she's a virgin, & he made it very clear if she or her sisters got pregnant before moving out he would make them stay with their mother. (Her mom lives in Ohio) she doesn't want to stay with her mother because she loves where she is right now. She loves her boyfriend & doesn't want to leave him or her sisters. So now she's faced with two options; get an abortion or tell her dad. What should she do? SHE WANTS TO KEEP THE BABY THE MOST. icon sad PREGNANT HELP! ABORTION? but a friend mentioned if you drink a lot of vinegar it will kill the baby gently?
Any advice will be greatly appreciated.



She should tell her dad. Her dad can't FORCE her to move, she can move out with her boyfriend, or with someone else she knows in that town, but please don't kill the baby

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