pregnant during college?

Asked: pregnant during college?

I am 19 years old, I will be 20 in september. I got my GED in May of 2012 and started at a community college that fall of 2012. I am in my 2nd semester of school, I am getting my Associate in Arts degree then transferring to a university for my bachelors in Elementary Education (being a teacher is my dream career). I will not be dorming when i go to the university. I will be commuting because of cost and the fact it is close to home(i live with parents.) I have a part time job at dairy queen (assistant manager, been there for 3 years but only making $9 per hour.)

Anyway, when I was 15 and in high school I got pregnant and ended up having an abortion(pretty much had no choice, but not for health reasons). Then when I was 18 (righttt before I got my passing ged test results) I fell pregnant again and was going to keep it. I was actually happy. But I ended up miscarrying early in the pregnancy…This REALLY hit me hard. See, I am RH negative which if you know what that is, it does cause some complications with pregnancy, not always, but it can effect it. however the doctor at hospital said the miscarriage was probably just by chance, like most miscarriages.

I took my mind off of it by starting college. Which even though it is community college, I love it. I even got accepted into their honors institute.

But all of this is REALLY making me want to get pregnant again…I want a baby so much, having to 2 dead children really kills me, and I want nothing more than to raise a baby…but then I see the flip side…I could wait till I graduate with my bachelors as a teacher, land a teaching job, buy a house, get married and have a family I suppose…I do guess that would be more logical, but so many of my friends my age are having kids and It makes me miss mine more, and makes me wish I could have one now. I also want to have one in a way to make sure I CAN carry a baby to term without issues…Im worried Ill misscary again or something bad will happen, so I'm curious if I CAN do it…

Please, I just need advice..I know this all sounds crazy..but I just want a child so bad and I am still hurting from my miscarriage. It happened in May of 2012 I believe it was…My due date would have been this valentines day that just passed..

Plus, when I get out of college and finally get settled in and buy I house I'll probably be 26-28 years old….. I don't know if I can even wait that long to have a baby…seems like forever..

My boyfriend and I have been together since 2008. He is a lot older though.


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