POCHI / (Sayoko -Answer-) ENGLISH Acoustic

DISCLAIMER: I own nothing but my voice! Song:小夜子Original artist: Hatsune Miku Composed by: ミキトvoice/mix: POCHI Illustration: たえLyrics: YT Minty ytminty.tumblr.com ———————— I really love the lyrics Minty wrote. I've always wanted to cover this song but the original lyrics made me feel a little uncomfortable singing haha. I much prefer the uplifting 'answer' version Minty created. :] You were always just a girl with a smile on her face Took a pill and held it still while you withered away The anxiety was only a way of escape But then I guess that's just our "fate?" I know you say you'd rather be left all alone And I'd call you but you never would pick up the phone 'nother day, another love song, it's all said and told But then there's something you should know. You don't have to lie, you don't have to die, take a step back from your mind, look inside and maybe you'd realize you'd come to find the thing that you longed for was right by your side Life can get tough, don't just give up, take a good look 'round, and you might just see what you mean to me and maybe you could believe… Left abandoned by the ones that you cared for the most, Friends and family ignored your old dreams and your hopes "Give it up, don't waste your time, nothing matters, you know?" You hit a rut, nowhere to go… But I never got to tell you how much that I cared Every smile, laugh, and secret we managed to share Kept inside right by my heart, you were there, everywhere Because <b>…</b>

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