Plz help! We’ve been hooking up for months but then she just stopped?

Asked: Plz help! We’ve been hooking up for months but then she just stopped?

I've known this awesome girl. we were seeing each other about once a week for six months.
It was very casual and very sexy. she would text me every other day, cook me dinner, introduce me to her friends. She started getting closer. telling me she Loves my bed and Loves being with me and she misses me and wishes she could wake up in my bed every morning.
Then it suddenly stopped! in the past 3 weeks we saw each other 3 times and she wouldnt let me touch her! she stopped texting me.
i was scared but then i started reciprocating the feelings she expressed. thats when she said she didnt want anything serious and i said it was okay and i like the time we do spend together as it is
we made plans a week ago to spend yesterday together. when i called her, she made me wait 2 hours just to say she couldnt see me till later that night.
I told her not to bother coming over and that she was disrespectful for breaking plans and ignoring me at a party on our last date. she says shes depressed cause of the holidays, I've been depressed too but still there for her.
she doesnt want a relationship but then why all the love talk?
we've dated other people but I know we really really liked each other.
I asked her what happened and she doesnt know shes just been feeling bad lately.I was afraid she was going to end it and that's really why I didnt let her come over. now I regret making her feel bad. I want to keep seeing her. i want her to know that i forgive her. my friend said call her but she wont answer.

please give me some good advice!!??


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